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Sadoski Demolition is a new demolition company serving residential and commercial clients in Whitney, TX. Our team specializes in safely taking down structures of all sizes. We use the latest equipment and techniques to efficiently demolish properties while minimizing disruption. Sadoski recycles debris to reduce waste and follows all regulations to ensure your project is permitted properly. Contact us today for a competitive estimate on your upcoming demolition project.
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At Sadoski Demolition, we offer a wide range of services to effectively and safely demolish structures of all sizes. With our team of highly trained technicians and the latest techniques and equipment, we ensure that every demolition project is handled efficiently and professionally. We prioritize safety and environmental responsibility by recycling debris and adhering to all regulations to obtain proper permits for each project. Whether you require residential or commercial demolition, you can trust Sadoski Demolition to provide top-quality services. Contact us today for a competitive quote!

Structure Demolition

As a relatively new but highly skilled demolition company, we have the equipment and expertise to safely demolish small sheds, outbuildings, pools, and similar exterior structures. Our 75 HP skid steer enables efficiency while our focus on safety and containment makes us the right choice.

Site Clearing

While new, we quickly and completely clear properties by removing fencing, decking, landscaping, trees, brush and vegetation. Our skid steer allows nimble navigation so we can remove unnecessary materials without damaging structures you want to keep.
Concrete Removal
We specialize in demolishing and removing all types of exterior concrete surfaces like driveways, patios and slabs. Our skid steer easily breaks up concrete debris for removal. When done, we'll leave a clean, graded site ready for replacement concrete or landscaping.
Loading Services
We provide complete debris loading services for all small demolition projects. Our skid steer with grapple attachment allows efficient loading into our dump trailer. We minimize dust and contain debris during loading, leaving a clean site when finished.
Hauling Services
Our dumpsters enables hauling demolition debris to approved dumping/recycling sites while recycling as much as possible. This reduces landfill waste. We secure loads for safe, compliant transport. Rely on us for proper debris hauling.
Excavation Services
In addition to demolition, we offer small excavation services with our skid steer, including limited trenching and grading. Let us know if you need any minor site prep work performed. As a new company, we deliver excellent excavation work.

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Tristan Sadoski - Owner
Your Trusted Demolition Partner in Whitney, Texas
Here at Sadoski Demo, we know that demolition projects require an experienced, professional partner you can trust. Although our company is relatively new, our team brings decades of combined expertise in structural demolition. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to efficiently and safely tear down commercial and residential buildings of any size.

Safety is our top priority on every job. We take extra precautions to protect surrounding structures, utilities, and landscaping. Our crew is fully trained and certified in demolition best practices. We handle permitting and work closely with local officials to ensure full compliance.

We also care deeply about minimizing environmental impact. Our demolition process maximizes recycling and diverts over 85% of materials from landfills. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Contact Sadoski Dumpster Rentals today for a personalized quote on your upcoming demolition project. Although we may be a new company, we have the experience, expertise and ethics to handle your job right.
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